A Beauty Therapist and Colour Implantation specialist who will help you to improve and correct your beauty problems with colour implants into the skin, creating beautiful shaped eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliner, lip line and beauty spots.



The professional woman on a tight schedule who always has to look good

The athletic or sporting women who wants to look good during and after exercise

Women with oily skin, who tend to absorb or "lose her make-up" (especially with "bleeding" lipsticks and "runny-eyeliner")

Women who have sparce thinning eyebrows

Far sighted women or women wearing glasses or contact lenses

Any women who wants to look great 24 hours a day



No more pencil, No more make-up

Use natural vegetable pigment to beautify your looks on Eyebrows, Lipliner, Upper and lower eyelines, Beauty spots.

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